Halloween is just days away, so a little gazing into the old crystal ball and fortune-telling fits the season.


What is to come in embedded computing technology and multi-core processor based designs?


We'll continue to see more highly integrated modules in the COM Express "Basic" form factor such as the Kontron ETXexpress-PC module (booth 1001) that is on display at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston this week. However, this is just the beginning of the impact that advanced multi-core processors will have on the PCI Express enabling standards such as COM Express. There is an effort to form working groups that will further transform the already well-engineered COM Express standard into an even better solution possibly with formally-adopted compact footprints - such as the compatible "" and "" modules. Additionally, SBC solutions are likely on the way to serve those who need a less customized off-the-shelf solution.



These predictions are not outlandish considering that the writing already is on the wall so to speak for these to become reality in the near-term future. So, it is safe to say that COM Express (with readily-available compliant and compatible modules) is here to stay and the roadmap for future developments is a promising one.



Don't believe me? Check that dusty old Magic Eight Ball for a second opinion or just wait for the next installment of the Venture Development Corp reports.





Christine Van De Graaf - Product Marketing Manager, Embedded Modules Division



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