Last week Kontron launched its first longlife motherboards using solid capacitors, the KTQ45 Family, using the Intel® Core 2 Quad Q9400 processor with Intel® Q45 + ICH10DO embedded chipset. Solid capacitors contain a "solid" organic polymer as opposed to the liquid electrolyte used in electrolytic capacitors. We immediately got asked why solid capacitors are better than traditional liquid electrolyte capacitors.


Solid capacitor technology brings the key advantages of longer life and less impedance loss to motherboards like the KTQ45/Flex. What does that mean to the systems designer? The lifetime of the solid capacitors at e.g. 60 degrees Celsius is 6 times longer than equivalent electrolytic capacitors. The lower impedance results in decreased capacitor temperature which is great for onboard power supply filtering and decoupling. But that is not all. Solid capacitors can flow large ripple current, yet are able to discharge rapidly. A solid decoupling capacitor removes noise, such as digital, audio, static. Additionally, solid capacitors have a high temperature capability, which is good for rugged systems, particularly since there are no liquids to potentially leak or cause capacitor swelling.


New technologies are always exciting since they enable designers to "rock on" when designing new systems! Learn more in booth 1001 at ESC.





Kontron – Nancy Pantone

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