I just finished moderating the OpenSystems Media E-cast on "Rethink Small Using Intel® Architecture-based Multi-chip Solutions". This e-cast was sponsored by the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance, one of the world's most recognized eco-system programs, with presentations from Intel, Advantech, and Kontron.


This was the second in a series of E-casts on rethinking your design strategy. The first looked at the low power aspect of designing for mobile applications. See my previous blog on this E-cast. The second E-cast takes a more indepth look at using SoCs and small form factors in designing embedded systems.


Reducing the size of compute elements for embedded devices has been a major reason for being able to expand the growth of processors in the embedded markets. Many applications are severely limited in space available for electronics. Even larger systems that have modest amounts of room for electronics can benefit when the processors become more integrated and smaller with increased levels of performance.


The size of computers and embedded computing does matter. We need to rethink our design strategies. I often refer to this as functional density. Devices are getting smaller and more functional all the time. This opens up all kinds of new application opportunities not possible before. This E-cast looked at some of the options available to designers that enable smaller board and system designs using the latest Intel processors, the Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor with Intel® QuickAssist technology and Intel® AtomTM processor. These processors expand choices for today's embedded developers when it comes to employing multi-chip solutions in small form factor designs.



Rethink Small . . .





  • With more functionality in smaller packages

  • With fewer design roadblocks

  • With fewer cooling issues

  • Without sacrificing performance


Daniel Lynch from Intel gave a brief introduction of the new Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor with Intel® QuickAssist technology and the Intel® AtomTM processor product lines.


Paul Stevens from Advantech talked to us about Rethink Small - One System, One Chip Solutions and using the Intel integrated processor on single board computers. Advantech is taking advantage of the benefits these products offer by incorporating multi-chip solutions into systems that power a variety of products in several markets including telecommunications equipment.


Christine Van De Graaf from Kontron discussed how the Atom processor gets us Rethinking Small with shrinking board modules and silicon. Kontron is using Intel® Architecture-based multi-chip solutions such as the Atom processor in COM Express* compatible modules that are used in pocket-sized remote field diagnostic equipment for example.



You can view the E-cast in its entirety at https://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=registration.jsp&eventid=121317&sessionid=1&key=D39FCA6FE50DFEEAEA39E2D080B36E9Cthe OpenSystems Media E-cast library.



Several questions were asked during the E-cast. For a list of questions and responses go to Q&A For Rethink Small Using Intel® Architecture-based Multi-chip Solutions






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