Multicore has been all the rage for the latest and greatest small form factor platforms in so many of the blog postings for a few months now.  I want to take this little opportunity and bring some of the more mature SFF platforms back into the light.   Let's not forget about the medical and industrial automation and other application area designs that didn't need to make the jump to PCI Express and that have been using older Intel Pentium M processors at their core.  That can change now.  The Intel Atom N270 processor and 945GSE chipset are making their appearance in ETX 3.0 computer-on-module (example: Kontron's ETX-DC - coming soon) platforms.  This represents a nice migration path for those solutions giving them a performance boost without jacking up the power consumption or sacrificing any of the other important factors including the design's total cost of ownership.  As we look forward to the Embedded World show and the Embedded Systems Conference coming up before too much longer, there's no doubt that more of these other small form factors including single board computer standards will bring more of these migration path multicore solutions to market -- making multicore available to everyone.



Christine Van De Graaf - Product Marketing Manager, Embedded Modules Division


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