System integrators and embedded system developers frequently need to decide what hardware to use for their projects? Making those decisions requires a careful analysis of features, performance and costs, and how those factors relate both to the project at hand and to clients’ expectations. More is not always better, especially when it comes to embedded and mobile applications.


Since Atom processors are completely compatible with the full Intel Core™ microarchitecture instruction set, developers can use the same compilers and existing software development tools. This means faster time to market. The use of a single processor architecture can eliminate the extra training and support required for multiple processor architecture and proprietary bus systems. This means lower development cost.


Atom supports most popular embedded operating systems, with drivers available for Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE, QNX and various versions of Linux. This allows system integrators to extend their embedded designs for thermally and size-constrained applications and create new ones that were simply not possible before. Innovative embedded systems developers are creating entirely new applications for medical, retail, signage, surveillance, factory floor and many other settings, all made possible by low power systems.


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