No matter what you’re building these days, everyone is marching to the same tune; must do more with less. Less people and less money. Now more than ever multi-core technology has the potential to help equipment manufacturers optimize budgets and meet demanding product development schedules. This is true in many market segments including industrial automation.

Multi-core technology has really changed computing by delivering energy-efficient performance thanks to advanced parallel processing and 45nm technology. And the technology allows full execution of multiple software threads in a single package. Holy cow! This means you can assign different function to each execution core, splitting the compute power and energy consumption among several cores, which leads to increased productivity and lower power consumption – both big benefits in an era of doing more with less.

For companies developing complex embedded systems that power demanding, real-time industrial automation equipment, multi-core technology can help cut development time and maximize resources. Music to anyone’s ears – right?  . Well, imagine combining the power of multi-core technology with virtualization technology like Microware Real-time Hypervisor. This would allow multiple operating systems to run concurrently, at full speed, without interruption. The combination means equipment manufacturers could consolidate legacy hardware, real-time control software and general purpose applications into a single embedded compute module, meaning companies can reuse their existing system software, which is less taxing on their engineering resources. And… they can pass this cost savings along to end user by delivering one compute system that can manage several industrial automation functions like computer numeric control and programmable logic control.
In an environment where budgets are highly scrutinized and pressure to deliver next generation products is monumental, equipment manufacturers need to look to vendors who can provide fully-integrated, performance ready, works out-of-the-box embedded systems to help them reduce development cycles and lower costs. For more information on how RadiSys is helping developers achieve these goals, visit:

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