Walking through the San Jose airport lets you take the pulse of the high tech community. Most people have a Blackberry glued to their ear and are deep in conversation. You may not hear both sides but you will definitely hear one side as you stand in line. “What would I do with 2 million dollars?” caught my attention. “Why, I would get more programmers, of course,” was the answer he gave to the question he had obviously repeated.


There has always been a crushing need for more ISV programming capabilities as programs expand functionality and data load.  The OEM also feels the impact of computationally intense software applications and may find that systems need to be more powerful. The performance boosts of quad processing power can help eliminate computing sluggishness. The Kontron PCI-760board featuring Intel® Core2Duo or Core2 Quad, Intel® Q35 + ICH9DO chipset, 3x Gigabit Ethernet offers a great way for OEMs to speed data, while taking advantage of the PICMG 1.3 ease of integration and the benefits of multicore technology. So even if you aren’t lucky enough to get a budget increase of $2M, an OEM can work with Kontron on a long life, custom embedded system designto specify a product that will grant the user with better performance.


In these difficult economic times, it is reassuring to know that the computing industry is continually striving to improve performance. What would you do if you got an extra $2M added to your budget?  Stop by the Kontron booth at ESC and let me know.


Nancy PantoneDirector, Product Management, Systems/Modules