Do you remember the infomercials offering the most amazing gadget that would replace every tool in your tool box?  Yes, the amazing “Multi-Tool” - The tool that could handle every job from cutting to pounding to opening cans.  I had a high school English / Philosophy teacher that challenged us to point out what the multi-tool couldn’t do.  Being the know-it-all juniors we were, we came up with a fairly significant list.


By now you’re asking, “What does all this have to do with multi-core?”  So, multi-core technology isn’t another gadget claiming to do it all in one solution. Rather, it’s now a family of solutions that each fit in a place to match specific needs.  And as new needs come to light, Intel is growing the multi-core technology family in reply.  A great example of this is in the expansion some of Intel's key embedded platforms that now will better address the needs of digital signage and medical applications.  More details about this will be coming from Intel in the near term future, so stay tuned and watch this space for updates. Plus, visit the Kontron site to see how we’re using these platforms.


As I said, multi-core is not a single do-it-all multi-tool.  It is; however, a family of tools that are not to be missed out on.





Christine Van De Graaf

Product Marketing Manger, Embedded Modules Division

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