I have been comparing notes with business colleagues and we all feel like we are part of the virtualization trend. As resources tighten during this economic downturn, the need to cleverly deploy the resources that remain becomes crucial. That feeling of being down to the bone goes away when you discover a hidden treasure chest of capability; be it an teammate that unveils a needed but yet undiscovered skillset in doing Pivot Tables to cut down on everyone’s number crunching or determining that you can get more productivity out of the already deployed industrial computer.


All newer Core Duo, Core 2 Duo and Quad Core Intel processors support Intel Virtualization, so Kontron has a wide variety of system, motherboard and SBC option to select among. Kontron also provides a line of 1U to 4U industrial computers that offer multicore capabilities that can be easily used for virtualization. By running multiple operating systems and applications on each dual to quad core computer resources can be dynamically shifted to meet demands. Each virtual machine runs in isolation so that if one machine crashes the remaining machines continue to operate. By encapsulating a complete set of hardware resources, OS and applications the virtual machines can be easily moved about as needed. Virtual IT infrastructures can make load balancing and storage situations manageable, delivering on SLAs while reducing costs of ownership of the computing resource pool.


Multicore opens up resource pool opportunities. It is kind of like going shopping with your own shopping bags – which by-the-way, are the new best “wrapping paper” plan for your next gift. What clever ways have you thought of to do more with less?


Nancy Pantone