Next to take the stage in the Embedded eVent's Auditorium is a course on intelligent video. Here's the overview:


This course will provide a straightforward view into this fascinating software segment, including what it really is; its real-world industry applications; how it's used today for business intelligence, digital signage and building management needs; and how it works within the Intel® architecture environment. Presented by ObjectVideo®, an industry recognized leader in intelligent video, the focus of the session will be on how this technology can be most effectively deployed as a high-value ingredient within a larger video solution. Topics addressed will include importance of solution flexibility; common software and protocols for innovation plus improved video analytic performance; and the significance of platform manageability and ecosystem to the end user.

Presented by Edward Troha, Managing Director, Global Marketing, ObjectVideo, Inc.

Ed Troha is Director of Global Marketing for ObjectVideo, the global leader in the video analytics software space. His role there is twofold: While being responsible for ObjectVideo’s brand, strategic messages and market positioning, he is equally responsible for the development of comprehensive OEM and Technology Partner programs that easily enable partners to include ObjectVideo technology in a wide variety of end user environments. He is particularly focused on how intelligent video can be more effectively leveraged in the critical infrastructure, retail, transportation and banking areas. In addition to his strong creative abilities, he brings more than 20 years of direct sales and marketing experience in technology products and services.


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