Ravi Sirigineedi here, Product Line Manager in the Embedded Computing Division at Intel under the Embedded and Communications Group. On Tuesday Ryan Brown and I presented a course about the Embedded Scalable and Low Power products that best address embedded customer needs. We wanted to introduce customers to the embedded market segments, sub-segments and the different usage models we observe emerging in these markets. You can download the full .pdf presentation at the bottom of this post, but we also wanted to give a high level overview here. We hope that this will help new and existing embedded customers to map themselves to one of these usage models – IO Intensive Computing, Manageability and Security Enabled Computing and Media Intensive Computing.


During the course we highlighted the 2009 Scalable and Low Power platforms and the benefits they offer with respect to each of the usage models – we also introduced key platform technologies such as Intel® Active Management Technology for Out of Band (OOB) management of embedded systems, Intel® Trusted Execution Technology for embedded platform security and Intel® Virtualization Technology for efficient computer resource allocation. We used this background to help embedded customers map their applications to Intel’s Scalable and Low Power processor families, and for each usage we highlighted the good, better and best positioning of SKUs. If you download the presentation, you’ll see a couple of actual product selection examples: A gaming application and how it fits into the Media Intensive Computing usage and an ATM/POS/Kiosk application and how it fits into the Manageability and Security Enabled Computing usage.


We highly encourage you to check out the presentation and provide your feedback and ask any questions you might have on in the comments, below. We’re happy to discuss the embedded market segments sub-segments, platform applications and how your application/design fits into these applications, 2009 Scalable and Low Power platform capabilities, platform technologies supported and the positioning of the various SKUs supported on these platforms. Rest assured, we will be looking at each of your comments and responding back to them in the comment thread below. Alternatively, you can also email your comments/feedback/questions to: