I name is Joe Zhou. I am the In-Vehicle Product Manager at Advantech-US. My presentation is about how harsh conditions in In-Vehicle segment demand rugged systems. When it comes to computing equipment, the operating conditions in in-vehicle applications are quite harsh. To survive the bumps, jolts, vibration, temperature fluctuation, dust and water that continuously pelt every moving vehicle, computing systems must be rugged and built to industrial-grade specifications such as ISO 7637 and SAEJ1455 certified. They must operate in a fully sealed and fanless enclosure. And handheld systems must communicate wirelessly, run efficiently on batteries and have the ability to withstand being dropped to a hard surface.


Advantech understands the unique operating conditions and business needs of in-vehicle marketplace. With over 25 years of embedded and industrial systems design, they are familiar with the requirements of the harsh, rugged operating environment. As an Intel Premier Partner, Advantech is committed to offer rugged, most efficient and low power in-vehicle computing solutions.


Mobile computing relies on ruggedness, compact size, light weight and maximum battery life, all the while providing adequate performance. Advantech handhelds and Tablet PCs based on Intel® Atom™ processor are among the most efficient portable platforms.


Advantech vehicle-mounted systems provide reliable performance under adverse conditions on the road where shock, vibration and temperature extremes are the order of the day. The simplicity and small size of an Atom-based fanless design is a perfect match for in-vehicle applications.


Pls. check out the presentation material and let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be more than happy to discuss your in-vehicle application requirements. Please feel free to contact me at Toll Free: 1-800-866-6008, Ext. 113, or email at: joe.zhou@advantech.com