I am Joseph Chung, the Medical Product Manager at Advantech-US. During my presentation, I shared how healthcare systems around the globe are experiencing tremendous pressure to improve services while containing costs. There is a trend towards real-time, paperless and film-free patient monitoring, nursing care and medical records tracking. The complexity and diversity of clinical environments requires advanced yet flexible technology, the ability to quickly adapt and customize and a high level of integration and networking. There is a need for high-quality image display products for x-ray, ultrasound, surgery monitoring systems, endoscope visualization as well as a variety of medical information systems.


Sophisticated information technologies are required to manage patient information, diagnostics procedures, conduct research and analyze and interpret lab results. Health and medical information experts are planning the next generation of patient management and medical support systems, and they rely on advanced yet reliable technology, high-performance yet power-efficient solutions, expertise in project management and systems integration and a wide range of medically-certified products.


As an Intel Premier Member, Advantech has fully embraced Intel platforms from Intel® Atom™, multi-core, Pentium M, Core 2 Duo, and Quad Core to Nehalem/Tylersberg processors as a way to provide targeted extreme performances as well as energy-efficient and environmentally responsible solutions for patient monitoring, patient infotainment and ultrasound applications. We strive to offer a comprehensive product lines that are UL60601-1/EN60601-1 certified as well as ISO 13486 certified.


Please check out the presentation material and give me your feedback, questions or comments. I’ll be more than happy to answer or discuss your medical application requirements. Pls. feel free to contact me at Toll Free: 1-800-866-6008, Ext. 268, or email at: joseph.chung@advantech.com