Have you wondered why small form factor standards seem to be growing exponentially?  COM Express, Q7, picoITX  – there are a number of successful industry and consortium standards making great strides in today’s tough economic environment.


The answer, in my opinion, is customization. It may seem to be an odd combination – standards and customization.  However, that combination is exactly what the handheld and portable equipment markets require.  Processor design can be complicated and difficult – equipment makers don’t want to spend 12 months perfecting a processor/chipset implementation.   Instead, they can use one of the standard solutions, and focus on the software and customized IO features that make their product stand out. 


The RadiSys COM Express products and PicoITX product provide this combination of standard and custom.   The COM Express product line enables customized IO via a carrier, and the picoITX enables customization via an IO expansion connector.   COM Express is modular (requires the carrier) and picoITX is a single board computer (can operate stand along).  Either direction you choose, these products will enable differentiation of your product.