The Network Applications Platform (NAP) is fast becoming the ubiquitous workhorse of both infrastructure and enterprise networks. While NAPs often take on many guises, IP traffic is at the core of all applications. Maximizing reuse and development efficiency, while creating innovate and feature rich solutions is crucial for success.

We all have a tendency to look at the past through “rose tinted spectacles.” The traditional networks all seemed so simple and straight forward. There were clear demarcation lines between the voice and data networks of the core infrastructure. Even as enterprise networks evolved from basic Ethernet backbones to major data centers and farms of webservers, the PBXs running the phone network were in a whole different world.


What are the key applications today where these architectural choices are coming into play? Undoubtedly “Triple Play” application platforms that can support voice, data and video are a major industry focus. With all the major functions in the mix that might previously have been tailor made for specific processors, (high speed processing – GPP, voice and codec processing – DSP, network and IP packet management NP) the design and cost considerations can become more complex. With everything traveling together on high speed IP networks, “wire speed” deep packet inspection application platforms for firewalls, encryption and other security devices are growing rapidly.

There are numerous examples of both general purpose and specialized processors that can fit the bill for these types of applications. Read more at{9F21752B-0F30-403B-B921-7FAC1E012F9