There once was an embedded designer that desired to enable Active State Power Management to optimize power consumption for her embedded application built around Intel’s Montevina platform.  She made a good start with the selection of a Kontron ETXexpress-PC computer-on-module and paired it with her application-specific carrier board.  All was running smoothly until enabling the ASPM feature. 


“Oh, dear,” said the embedded designer.  “Why is my Ethernet freezing momentarily when I activate this feature?  Did I do something wrong?”  She wondered a bit and then decided to contact her partners at Kontron to utilize their expertise. 


Together with the partner Engineer at Kontron, the embedded designer reviewed the system settings and their impact on ASPM.  They checked the carrier board BIOS, the Ethernet settings, and the power rail settings.   In this case the response time set for the Ethernet was out of sync and some other system configurations needed adjustment.  Plus, the Kontron Engineer did some checking with colleagues at Intel and found a key document to share with the embedded designer the specifically addressed the Ethernet and ASPM challenge she was experiencing. 


The embedded designer was overjoyed at the quick resolution to the challenging design issue.  “That’s just what I needed! My application is no longer freezing and functions as needed.”


The moral of the story – No feature is an island.  Sometimes they clash, but it’s fixable and when you have a partner with expertise in the area the variables that can be in conflict are quickly discovered and resolved. 



Christine Van De Graaf

Product Manager, Embedded Modules Division


FYI – Hitting bumps enabling a desired feature? Don’t feel as though you’re alone on an island.  Kontron’s application engineering teams located worldwide can help!