As said in the teaser for this blog, I’m not a fan of weather that’s either too hot or too cold.  Sometimes there’s just no avoiding it and so all you can do is be prepared. 


Embedded applications are used everywhere and the demands placed on them are tough. The embedded technologies they employ must be able to deliver reliable performance in harsh environments. That’s where 100\% temperature screened products as well as a new “by-design” extended temperature computer-on-modules (such as the microETXexpress-XL and the ETXexpress-PC-XT) come into the mix.  These modules and SBCs are proven to perform in these extreme environmental operating conditions.


So how hot/cold are we talking?  There are four main ranges (commercial, E1, E2/Industrial, and Mil Spec).  For the specifics of each of these temperature ranges, I suggest that you take a moment to download and read the Kontron whitepaper titled “Extended Temperature Device and Testing Advancements for COMs and SFF SBCs Enable Reliable, Long Life Systems”.  Not only will you get a quick tutorial on these harsh operating environments, but also on how Kontron provides the embedded technology proven to meet the tough demands.  The whitepaper provides insights into methods for supporting extended temperature designs (including thermal modeling) as well as a success story.


You wouldn’t go to the snow without a warm jacket or out to the beach on a cloudless day without your sunscreen.  When designing applications that will be running in harsh environments, there’s no reason not to be just as prepared.



Christine Van De Graaf

Product Manager, Embedded Modules Division