Advances in medical imaging have allowed for a new age of medical care. Minimally invasive procedures are replacing open surgery as imaging becomes more sophisticated, reducing risk and recovery time for patients. Medical equipment is also becoming more portable, allowing for a streamlined workflow and greater accuracy. However, as with all new technologies, these new imaging capabilities introduce their own challenges.


The expanding usage of medical imaging technology, whether for CT, X-ray, MRI or ultrasound, has created a strong demand for more powerful medical imaging equipment; for manufacturers, this means using a high-performance technology that is highly adaptive. New procedures require fast and very precise imaging, and with that improved accuracy comes an increased need for powerful, complex algorithms to produce meaningful results from the huge amount of data being generated. Additionally, medical equipment manufacturers are looking to reduce the CT radiation dosage. Meanwhile, the servers used for medical imaging needs to have very low power consumption, noise emission and processing time with a long product life-span. And, perhaps most challenging, these technologies need to still be affordable!


RadiSys is incorporating Intel processing technology to deliver solutions that meet these medical market challenges and requirements. Our embedded solutions, which include embedded servers, PicoITX and COM Express modules, are designed to support these emerging trends in portable devices, parallel processing and system consolidation. As a premier member of the Intel Embedded Alliance, our solutions are highly robust with plenty of customization options, combining Intel's processor technology with RadiSys' embedded expertise. And by delivering off-the-shelf PC hardware designed with the highest quality and reliability specifications, we can deliver the latest technologies to medical professionals today, for less.


Want to learn more? You can listen to the webinar “Resolution in Medical Imaging – Smaller Systems, Better Images, Less Time” hosted by RadiSys and Intel executives, complete with a Q&A session, by clicking here.


Michael Reunert
Sr. Product Line Manager – Medical Imaging
RadiSys Corporation

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