By Anthony Sayers, End User Computing Technologist, Dell OEM Solutions

There is no doubt that the evolvement of tablet or mobile computing devices continues to excite both the media and consumer alike. Each announcement is more tantalizing and tempting. Which way do you go? Which brand? What price? Which operating system? Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi and Broadband? What form factor? And so on. Are you confused yet?

With the much anticipated launch oMicrosoft Windows 8 in October 2012, we are already seeing a flood of announcements by manufactures about their new smart phones and tablets. Dell announced our new Windows 8 Tablets XPS 10 and XPS 12  as well as our Enterprise class Latitude 10 showing increased focus on mobile computing within a commercial context.

Finally with Microsoft Windows 8, business’ now have a true multi-touch operating system that introduces more choices for the Enterprise market to decide upon. However unlike consumers, companies need to take a very different approach when considering their mobility strategy.  They must step back from the shiny hip tablet and remember that their application and the data it accesses are the most important part.  You may start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is your application portable?
  • Do you require data creation input from a keyboard?
  • Does your application need to use features like a camera, GPS, multi touch gesturing, USB and HDMI connectivity?
  • Does it need to be docked?
  • Does it need enterprise security and support?

Take that one step further:

  • Once the data is captured or created will that information be stored  on the device or does need to be synced back to a datacentre via the cloud?
  • How will you secure your application?
  • Will you have to integrate your mobile application with a legacy application?
  • How will you manage your devices and applications?
  • The last major question is how you will analyse the data to provide valid useful information to your customers or users?

Have you gone through and addressed these questions in your mobile strategy?  Are you facing any challenges or need help formulating a mobile strategy that takes the complexity out of your hands? Dell has not only developed new tablet devices for the Enterprise, but it also has created a unique position in the market.  We have completed several strategic acquisitions and partnerships that enable a true end to end mobility ecosystem reference architecture.

In Dell OEM Solutions we are talking to a variety of companies looking to deliver their mobile solutions in hospitals, retail environments, auto dealerships and more.  Contact us to talk through how you can deliver your software through a mobile solution.

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