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The PICMG COM Express subcommittee is working on the next rev of the standard, due out later this year. As a provider of COM Express products we are looking forward to the updated version which will add support for new digital display interfaces, USB 3.0, SPI interfaces and high-definition audio.


The subcommittee is also addressing backwards compatibility and legacy obsolescence issues with rev 2.0. The standard ensures carrier boards and modules being designed today will have a solid migration path to COM Express 2.0 compliance.


Design teams need to be thinking about I/O requirements for their specific applications. This application specific functionality is left to carrier boards, but with the added I/O features coming to COMs, carrier board design I/O choices need to be carefully evaluated to balance taking advantage of new rev 2.0 features while continuing to support existing designs.


The upswing is COM Express rev 2.0 will include necessary updates that will allow vendors like RadiSys to deliver compliant products that keep up with technology advancements and better serve customers.

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