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Today's hospitals are changing their attitudes and practices towards computers in the wards and in patients' rooms. Sophisticated, high performing machines are wheeled into the patient's room or carried in (similar to a laptop); streamlining processes, improving test result turn-around time and overall administrative work.


This new breed of mobile devices such as portable Ultrasound has a unique set of requirements: high imaging performance yet with low power consumption for extended battery life, fanless/low noise, and cooling capabilities.


So what's the best embedded solution for this type of device? COM Express modules fit best, as they offer flexibility and scalability in a mobile-ideal form factor. Modules like the ProcelerantTM CEGM45 CoreTM 2 Duo Processor COM Express combine the next generation performance levels with RadiSys designed dual channel memory to provide breakthrough processing performance on a basic size COM module. The product's performance capabilities combined with its enhanced 3D graphics capability make it an ideal choice for these new portable Ultrasound devices.


Medical solutions are exciting for us at RadiSys. It's true collaboration with our customers when we help them develop the latest cutting-edge designs for their new, competitive products; it's very rewarding. Maybe more so than other projects because this machines save lives. Next time, when you are at the Doctor's office or in the hospital or just visiting - take a look at all of the cool equipment around you; it's becoming part of the ‘furniture' - and what do the user's of all this new, cool equipment like most of all? They can wheel it or carry it!

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