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Whether it's an emergency responder robot, a remote sensor on a traffic light, or a telecommunications tower, embedded technology is finding its way into products that need to operate flawlessly at extreme temperatures and hold up in some of the most rugged environments on earth–and off of it. Although a growing range of applications often need durable embedded solutions, military and government projects require technology that can withstand especially harsh environments and temperatures while performing critical functions.


Creating an embedded military solution has always been a challenge. Embedded developers must deliver products that not only stand up to tough conditions, but also meet stringent performance, power, and temperature requirements. At the same time, these products are getting smaller, which means more functionality needs to occupy less real estate. On top of all this, embedded developers have to stay within constrained budgets and meet tight deadlines.


One of the solutions is to use a Computer-on-Module, or COM module, which is a great way to implement many of the most demanding requirements for military applications. A COM module contains all the components needed for a bootable host computer, packaged as an off-the-shelf component. System expansion and customization for each solution is implemented on an application-specific carrier board. Together, the COM and carrier board deliver the functionality of a single-board computer, combining both high performance and efficient design.


The RadiSys Procelerant™ CEZ5XT helps to change the playing field by helping developers and manufacturers meet and exceed the requirements of the military. The Procelerant CEZ5XT is based on the low power Intel® ATOM™ processor and is the industry's first Intel architecture-based COM Express module that can operate in an extended temperature range of -25C to +70C. By using the ATOM processor, the CEZ5XT is able to deliver unprecedented performance and ultra low power in a tiny 85mm x 70mm footprint–the smallest footprint possible with a Type 2 COM Express pin-out.


RadiSys Procelerant CEZ5XT


Whether being used in an unmanned vehicle or an emergency rescue device, the Procelerant CEZ5XT helps developers keep costs and schedules under control, while standing up to the extreme thermal environments needed for military applications.


RadiSys is a Premier member of Intel® Embedded Alliance.


Lorraine Orcino
Sr. Product Line Manager, COM Express
RadiSys Corporation

Sure, this little booklet is really intended for 'newbies' who want to learn more about what COM Express, its history and how it's used. But it's a good 'read' and emphasizes several areas that are so vital to working with COM Express. For example, COM Express helps you maintain a broad product portfolio by enabling you to follow a common-platform strategy in your design. MODULARITY: you can offer low, medium, and high-performance versions simply by using different levels of COM Express modules on an otherwise common carrier. Two areas where COM Express has already helped to build broad product portfolios include: medical and instrumentation.


Medical systems are highly sophisticated and complex; using a single shared custom carrier design, COM modules of different performance levels makes the upgrade path easy. This makes everyone happy and is cost-effective. At RadiSys, we love working with our customers in a forward-thinking way - we work as a 'design team' to make a COM design successful, providing the software utilities, BIOS features, critical schematics, and mechanical diagrams so that they accelerate their time to market.


So this little booklet, as basic as it may seem, can provoke BIG thoughts and BIG ideas...take it with you on your next plane ride or read it while eating lunch...enjoy!



Get your free copy!


Lorraine Orcino

Sr. Product Line Manager

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