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Embedded boards are shrinking at a fast rate. Shrinking in size, that is, and growing in volume. More performance needs to be packed into a smaller space to support the portability and size of the end equipment that these boards are designed into.


Form Factor

PCB Size(mm)


171 x 171




165 x 115




100 x 72

COM Express

95 x 125


96 x 90


75 x 45


The trend towards small also lends itself towards custom. Cost is king for handheld or portable equipment - and one way to cut cost is to cut features that are not required. There are two paths; build ground-up as a custom, or start with a standard and reduce. Ground-up custom probably will reach the lowest cost but have by far the highest development cost, paid for by the customer. Alternatively, the design can start with a standard product and for a reasonable fee, de-populate the unnecessary components and connectors to get to an optimal high volume cost point.


RadiSys designs small form factor boards with depopulation options for high volume, cost conscious opportunities. Starting with a standard is the fastest option to get products to market the fastest. Saving the depopulation option for when the product reaches high volume production, saves cost and time. Options are good.


Peter Mitchell

Sr. Product Line Manager

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