I’m sitting here at Stanfords in PDX airport, heading home after the Intel Firmware Summit . . . an internal Intel event where all the great minds (probably myself excluded) in firmware development at Intel congregate to present and discuss all the activities in progress across the corporation.  (By the way, the Herb Crusted Sirloin at Stanford’s is excellent).


There were many outstanding presentations and keynotes, including presentations from executives from McAffee (George Kurtz) and Wind River (Marc Brown), as well as numerous Intel Fellows and Architects from all over Intel.  I felt very honored to present to this exceptional audience of thought leaders at Intel.


While there was a lot of interest in what we are doing in the Embedded and Communications Group with our Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit (Intel® BLDK) program, it was overshadowed by two key themes stood out for me as I listened to all the other presenters:


1.  Security is becoming the next big focus area, and it starts with the firmware.  When you think about how to secure a system, the lowest interface layers need to be the first step in keeping the system secure.  Seems everyone in Intel working on firmware development is thinking about this.


2.  Convergence on UEFI . . . everyone in Intel is thinking about convergence to the latest UEFI standard.  You might be thinking DUH!  That has been Intel’s position for some time.  However, I heard at the firmware summit this is actually accelerating quite a bit.  In the Embedded Group, we decided last year to shift our approach for the Intel BLDK to align with the latest UEFI standards and based our implementation on the Intel® Unified Development Kit 2010 (Intel® UDK2010 . . . see http://www.tianocore.org).  At the time, we were on the bleeding edge, understanding that the rest of Intel would eventually be moving in that direction, but not for several years.  However, seems that we are going to see UEFI 2.3 based firmware/BIOS for Intel platforms across the board much sooner than expected.


Unfortunately, I cannot reveal much of the details, but suffice it to say that there are many exciting things going on across Intel in the firmware arena to make it easier and more productive to work with Intel Architecture.


Well, I have to finish my Crème Brule and then head to my gate to catch my flight.  Until next time!


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