Who:  Embedded systems designers looking for customizable option for creating optimized initialization firmware for Intel® Atom™ processor based platforms.



What:  Intel has officially released our first publicly available version of the Intel BLDK, which is a combination of reference source code, binary libraries, and development tools that allow creation of customized and optimized Intel® Atom™ processor firmware for fixed functioning embedded applications.



When:  Now!   Download is available beginning July 28, 2011.



Wherehttp://www.intel.com/go/bldk, the Embedded Software Discussion Forum, and the e-Help desk



How:  Find out more how to utilize the Intel BLDK using the key resources below.



Key Resources:


Embedded Intel Atom Platforms: The ABC's of the Intel Boot Loader Development Kit (Intel BLDK)

This is an introductory 60 minute webinar on the Intel BLDK.


Rapid Development of Boot Loaders using Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit (Intel® BLDK) for Embedded Designs

Training on the architectural overview, features and capabilities and roadmap of Intel BLDK, as well as how to use Intel BLDK for rapid development and deployment of boot loaders.


Getting Started Guide: Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit (Intel® BLDK) Version 2.0

This manual provides information on how to install, build, and customize the code base using the Intel BLDK.