Network Level Resiliency for High Availability (HA) in Ethernet Networks

Version 1
    The traditional isolation of data and telecommunication services on separate networks is vanishing. The new operational model is using one unified network powered by the ubiquitous Internet Protocol (IP). Service providers making this transition appreciate the operational and financial benefits of managing just one network. But they also are demanding a new level of IP service quality akin to conventional telecom services such as voice, which are rated by availability to the end user.

    Like the proverbial weakest link in a chain, system availability is determined by its least
    available “service providing” component. ZNYX Networks solutions ensure that the IP network
    is not the weakest link in an embedded system. This white paper discusses network
    level availability and how to create High Availability (HA) embedded systems with ZNYX
    Networks OpenArchitect/HA Suite.