MicroTCA Resource Guide

Version 1
    Members of the Intel® Communications Alliance have joined forces to further the adoption and advancement of another industry standard: MicroTCA™ (Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture). The Alliance is one of the world’s most recognized communications and embedded ecosystems, and member companies are collaborating to accelerate the adoption of MicroTCA in several industries.

    The new standard is an extension of AdvancedTCA®, and is designed to address space-constrained applications used in telecommunications infrastructure, medical equipment and mobile systems, among others. The combination of AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA will continue the shift in the embedded computing landscape from a proprietary to a standards-based world, and the Alliance is well positioned to facilitate that shift.
    Alliance member companies are committed to collaborating on product development and delivering cost-effective, MicroTCA-based solutions. This commitment means the Alliance will play a key role in the adoption of MicroTCA, a responsibility member companies are familiar with, since the Alliance is credited with helping drive the transition to several standards, including AdvancedTCA and COM Express™, over the past four years.

    Today, AdvancedTCA is the de facto standard and the foundation of today’s powerful communications equipment. Designed to be complementary to AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA opens up tremendous opportunity in not only the communications but also the embedded market segment.

    The articles in this publication were developed by Alliance members and will give readers a deeper understanding of MicroTCA. Topics covered include differentiating AdvancedTCA from MicroTCA, transitioning applications to MicroTCA, interoperability, and the value of MicroTCA.