Cut Network Security Cost in Half with The Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor with Intel® QuickAssist Technology

Version 1
    Network security has become a concern not only for large businesses, but also for medium-sized firms. As threats to the network grow more prevalent and destructive, medium-sized businesses need enhanced security for access control, user authentication, and attack protection. This enhanced security requires a leap in performance, particularly in VPN performance. VPN performance is critical due to the growing number of tunnels required to support remote access users, backhaul regional office connections or secure wireless access points. This is bad news for medium-sized businesses, which have typically been priced out of VPN acceleration and end up compromising on features and performance. To address these needs, a new breed of platforms based on Intel’s new x86-based EP80579 Integrated Processor System-on-A-Chip deliver untouchable network security performance for at least half the price of previous platforms.