Improving BIOS Debugging Using USB 2.0 Methods

Version 1

    34i86B6A7083EAD5349For BIOS developers, field technicians and quality assurance the POST Checkpoints are like the diagnostic codes used in today's automotive computers. When the "check engine light" comes on, customers expect a mechanic to read the engine code and diagnose the problem ... checkpoints expose the same feature in the BIOS, providing debug information before the OS boots.


    The current method of using a PCI card to display checkpoints has a number of limitations, since the industry is moving from PCI to serial bus standards. Embedded platforms, netbooks and other small form factor systems need a debug solution that doesn't rely on opening the case or inserting a PCI card.


    This white paper describes how AMI simplifies BIOS debugging using AMI Debug Rx and other innovative USB-based debug solutions.