Industrial-Grade Advantech Digital Signage Solutions for Mission-Critical Deployments

Version 1

    Why is everyone so excited about digital signage, and why are you seeing new digital signage solutions pop up all over the place? Because it makes sense to replace static print displays with attractive and dynamically managed information.


    Digital signage players are essentially specialized computers that display customized information in a
    variety of settings and locations. Since those locations are not always easily accessible they can be remotely controlled and managed via wired or wireless IP connections. This makes it possible to easily program, schedule and update playlists; remotely monitor player status; and issue remote commands no matter where the player is located, even if it is far away.



    Unlike conventional computers, digital signage players must be easy to install in locations where space and access is limited and operating conditions less than optimal. That is why Advantech's state-of-the-art digital signage players are small footprint, lowprofile devices that can be installed behind displays or even integrated into display
    housings with special mounting brackets. They are also quiet, able to handle heat and cold, and reliably run 24/7 with minimal maintenance requirements.

    Digital signage content may include a combination of different data—video/Flash, graphics, text and ticker, etc—in attractive multi-zone layouts, and all Advantech digital signage players are designed to provide support for a variety of versatile media formats. Advantech has also adopted SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration
    Language), the W3C-defined and recommended XML-based markup language for multimedia presentations. And we offer an open API to help our solutions partners in quickly developing value-added features and innovative new products.


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