SFF conference in Munich July 23rd- Presentations Available for Download.

Version 1

    The conference started with a keynote and then split into three tracks, so even attendees may have missed something. So the  conference link here will take you to the download site.


    More info on what was presented is below.



    • Small Form-Factor Boards: Overview and Technical Trends


    Technology Sessions


    • Intel´s Technology and Technical Trends Outlook
    • Computer-on-Module Overview and Trends
    • Single Board Computers Overview and Trends
    • Make or Buy


    Workshops & Demos


    • Presentations and Demos of x86-based Modules and SBCs
    • Thermal connection of ESMexpress/ESMini to a housing
    • CoreExpress - the next generation,  COM Technology
    • Optimize Your Design Cycles by Using COM Technology
    • Conception of COMs and SBCs with latest Intel processors
    • Live demo of the Qseven Mobility Starter Kit


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