"Getting there the fast way" Atom Z530 running QNX FASTboot on LiPPERT's CoreExpress-ECO

Version 1

    Developers working with LiPPERT's Advanced COM module CoreExpress-ECO, now get complete QNX Neutrino software support with a full-fledged BSP.





    The BSP for QNX Neutrino, jointly developed with QNX Software Systems, features support for FASTboot IPL. Systems with this capability boot up very quickly; it takes less than 5 seconds from power on until the graphical application is up and running.


    Many devices utilizing embedded PCs take advantage of this behaviour. "The fast and efficient QNX operating system, paired with the smallest and most performing embedded solution are the perfect start to take on any project that you might want to realize.", says Kroy Zeviar of QNX Software Systems.


    The BSP covers all functions of the CoreExpress-ECO. This includes 1280x800 graphics output on LVDS, audio, Ethernet, serial interfaces, USB, and SD card support. Full documentation, describing installation and operation with various IDE devices is included.

    This QNX IPL boot loader replaces the otherwise used BIOS and takes care of the entire initialization of all the CoreExpress-ECO evaluation kit's peripherals. The application software can be started with QNX 6.4.0 from any bootable device, like IDE or USB disk.


    By clicking the link below, you can watch the FASTboot IPL presentation on LiPPERT's CoreExpress-ECO module at the Embedded World 2009 in Nuremberg.


    QNX Fastboot - EWC2009