Choosing Atom or Atom XL is the industrially rated chip worth it?

Version 1

    The low power Intel® Atom CPU is not just for laptops and MIDs- it
    is beginning to be applied as the center of single board computers for
    general industrial, medical and commercial applications. This has
    increased the demand for operation under extended and industrial
    temperature regimes either by up rating the commercial Atom
    processor, or by using the new Atom XL CPU. For ten years the
    Columbia, MD design center of Eurotech has up rated ARM and other
    CPU architectures, and we compared uprating of the standard Atom
    part to the Atom XL, which is rated for either extended temperature
    (-20°C to +70°C) or Industrial Temperature (-40°C to +85°C). We
    performed some thermal tests to verify extended temperature range
    and to further discuss the design and manufacturing issues
    associated with the industrial temperature rated x86 chips.