Operating Systems for Medium- and High-Assurance Systems

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    Webinar recording: Operating Systems for Medium- and High-Assurance Systems

    Increased security requirements are becoming more widespread across different applications and embedded products, from high-security military applications to mobile and consumer products, and even automotive designs connecting to the outside world.

    As the requirements for secure systems increase, it is clear that traditional operating systems are not well suited to keep up with these demands. Desktop operating systems have been traditionally weak at defending against security threats and embedded operating systems have typically ignored security entirely.

    New technologies such as medium- and high-assurance operating systems provide foundation components to build secure systems and provide cost effective alternatives to traditional hardware separation. Separation kernels facilitate building high-assurance systems based on MILS architectures. Adding secure hypervisor capabilities to a separation kernel allows preservation of investment in legacy systems by allowing multiple "guest" operating systems and applications to run atop the separation kernel. The use of virtualization technology and SMP makes the performance of these new systems comparable or superior to systems built in the last few years.

    This presentation includes a brief introduction to MILS and explains LynuxWorks approach to both medium- and high-assurance systems and the benefits of LynuxWorks solution.