Digital Signage Evolution Makes Transformers a Sensory Feast

Version 1

    Due to the flourishing Optoelectronics industry, Digital Signage has grown into a mature market segment of its own and is “the” thing to replace traditional advertising and display products. In the real market, Digital Signage has already become the fastest growing LCD application outside of television and computing. When you walk on to the MRT or a bus, step in an elevator, hypermarket, discount store or fast food restaurant, it is noticeable that LCD displays have gradually replaced traditional advertising boards and spaces. Since TFT-LCD panel production technology has quickly increased in sophistication, product prices have gradually stabilized. LCD monitors and touch panel-related products are rapidly expanding applications, which include: industrial control, medical, POS (Point of sales; POS), KIOSK (self-service machine), gaming, wall mounted televisions, billboards and so on. The story below is a typical digital signage application example used in today’s marketing activities. Such products lead the way for consumers to enjoyably browse for products & services while watching customized product content and information for a more enjoyable experience.


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