Continuous Computing FlexCompute ATCA-XE60: Dual Nehalem Quad-Core (Multi-Core) SBC

Version 1

    The FlexCompute ATCA-XE60 is a dual socket single board compute blade supporting 8 cores / 16 threads via two high performance Intel Xeon 5500 series "Nehalem" processors. The XE60 provides support for 4 hard drives, 64GB memory, and an optional RTM with additional network interface options. It is ideal for DPI, LTE wireless infrastructure (e.g., MME / SGW), and IPTV and edge storage applications.


    The XE60 was designed with performance in mind, supporting the option of either the Intel Xeon L5518 or the higher power Intel Xeon E5540 processor. The blade can address low entry points via a single CPU option and scale to two processors without the need for full re-qualification.


    Featuring over 1 terabyte of storage, the XE60 has two low-cost solid state disks on the main blade and an additional two drives on the RTM with RAID support. The RTM also supports a high performance 4-port external SAS connector as well as up to 32GB of cost-effective USB Flash.


    The XE60 features two mezzanine sites for the addition of offload engines (e.g., encryption co-processor for Snow3G) and a dual 10G fabric NIC supporting iSCSI, TCP offload, VLAN tagging, and congestion control. Since the blade has been validated with leading hypervisors, it is an ideal platform because support for extended VT-x and VT-d decreases the overhead associated with virtualization.


    The XE60's superior architecture not only doubles the performance of previous generation compute blades but also lays the foundation for future advances. In particular, the XE60 offers native support for the next generation Intel Xeon 6-core processor (codenamed "Westmere") which is expected to provide pin-compatible performance improvements of up to 50\%.


    The XE60 is built on industry standards to ensure easy integration and management for faster time-to-market development. Coupled with Continuous Computing's FlexPacket ATCA-PP50, FlexCore ATCA-FM40, optimized Trillium control and data plane protocol software, and professional services, the XE60 ATCA dual Nehalem quad-core completes the company's industry-leading 10GbE family of ATCA platform solutions. From IPTV servers to session border controllers, the XE60 is the blade of choice for deploying a wide range of high-performance, scalable telecom applications.


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