Webinar on Sept. 22nd: Multicore Meets AdvancedTCA: Maximize Your Return

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    Webinar | Multicore Meets AdvancedTCA: Maximize Your Return


    Event Description

    The initial promise of AdvancedTCA was to create an architecture capable of much higher compute density and a leap in data plane capability over prior architectures. With a variety of AdvancedTCA solutions now solving problems in many applications, it's time to look at if and how this promise has been achieved. The focus of this event is on the compute density, particularly how advanced multicore processors are being implemented and what they are accomplishing in real applications.


    Architecting for the workload is vital, and there's a lot to consider. With processor architectures such as Intel's Nelahem microarchitecture bringing up to eight cores, new memory controllers, QuickPath Interconnect, hyperthreading and more features, system architects and designers have more choices. Expert guests from four of the leaders in AdvancedTCA - Continuous Computing, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Mercury Computer Systems, and Wind River Systems - join together in this special event to take a look at how this new processor technology has impacted board and systems design. They'll explore how hardware and software solutions combine and address needs like distrubuted processing, heterogenous and homogenous multicore support, virtualization, I/O data flow from fabrics to the cores, and other ideas.


    Understanding how multicore technology fits into a system is important for applications like communications, defense, medical, surveillance, scientific research, and more with massive amounts of processing required that must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The concepts and examples discussed in this event will be applicable for many needs, and as usual viewers will be able to ask questions of the expert guests live in a Q&A session.