Advantch Slim medical Point of Care Terminals improve Medical Quality & Efficiency

Version 1

    With 592 Beds, the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg is one of the biggest Hospitals in Luxembourg. Every year 25.000 people are under inpatient treatment there. Also, over 400.000 Patient were treated ambulant.


    A facility of this size requires a high administrative effort. So the Hospital started a search for a solution, which could speed up the clinical processes.




    The POC-S196-Terminals by Advantech are very space-saving but still provide a high performance, which allows to handle a big amount of data in a short time. And the optional Touchscreen also simplify the operation of the device. Because of this, doctors and nurses can uses their time more productive.


    This facts allowed the Centre Hospitalier de Lusembourg to enhance the effectiveness of its facility.





    With TFT LCD display and Intel Pentium engine, Advantech POC Terminals are designed to resist spill and water damage, and ensure dust resistance with their protected LDC and sealed enclosure. The POC-S196 is a 19”TFT-LCD Panel powered by a fanless Intel Core Duo processor, available with up to 4GB SDRAM and wireless LAN options. The quiet fanless design makes the slim series ideal for audio measurement. It is also ready for many POC applications.




    - Improved Efficiency

    - Easy Monitoring and Access to Patient Information

    - Enhanced Medical Quality