Patient Infotainment Terminal Enhancing Hospital Stay Experiences

Version 1

    Patient Infotainment Terminals are bedside terminals that allow patients to do anything from watching movies and TV, to making phone calls, to playing games or communicating via the Internet. They can also be used for email, web browsing, accessing hospital intranets, or, if medically advisable, even work. Infotainment terminals can also be used to alert staff, call for help, and operate beds, lighting, and other devices.


    Infotainment terminals can be used not only by patients, but also by medical staff and care givers. The latter may use them to look up electronic patient records, lab results, tests, monitor vital signs and their signals, document observations and changes, and more. To facilitate those functions, PITs may include RFID, digital cameras, and smart card readers for data capture and identification purposes.


    This is a single integrated medical solution that provides digital entertainment, clinical services as well as communication to the point of care.


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