ATOM-based Rail Transport Fare System

Version 1

    Introduction: In modern railway stations, automatic fare collection (AFC) systems, including ticket vending machines (TVM), ticket checking machines (TCM), and gate controls, require compact-sized and fanless computing platforms that can provide fast and high capacity passenger fare data processing and communications. Money transaction data protection is also an essential component of AFC, one which obviously must be technologically safeguarded..


    Solutions: Advantech's ITA-1000 vertical purpose platform is more than capable of fulfilling the requirements for fare processes. With low power consumption and fanless operation, embedded and real-time operating system support, as well as integrated embedded core software service, this compact system is most suitable for AFC applications. Additional elements include: • Compact Size Platform • Rich Industrial Communication Port for RS-232/422/485 and Digital I/O • Dual gigabit Ethernet for LAN/WAN Communication • Support wide-Range DC Power Input