Atom-based Mini-ITX motherboard for industrial and embedded applications

Version 1

    Most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about computer motherboards. They are just inside the PC and do their job. To system integrators, however, the choice of the right motherboard is a big issue. Here are some of the criteria for selecting a motherboard:


    l            Space considerations

    l            Processor and chipset technology

    l            Power requirements

    l            Interface requirements

    l            Standards support


    There are, in fact, about two dozen different computer board form factors. Not all of them are full motherboards. Sometimes, system integrators prefer to use Computer On Module (COM) technology where the generic computing "engine" resides on a separate board that is then plugged into a "carrier" board designed for some specific purpose. This way, system integrators can select the right COM for a complex embedded systems project and then concentrate on their application rather than having to design an entire computer from scratch, saving as much as 80\% of the regular development time and cost.


    See attached for the complete whitepaper.