QNX FastBoot Techniques for Advantech's x86 Architecture

Version 1

    With the introduction of the Intel Atom processor, the x86 architecture has become a viable contender as a low-power embedded platform. However, x86 designs have traditionally relied onthe system BIOS to perform early initialization and the Power On System Test, referred to as POST. This approachresults in unacceptably long boot times for embedded devices. As a resultembedded developers whose systems must boot quickly need a way to bypass the BIOS. This paper explains the FastBoot technology developed by QNX that dramatically shortens the bootup-time.


    See attached for more detail and video is also available at http://support.advantech.com/support/ResourceDetail.aspx?ResourceId=\%7bA5DCEB04-8543-4C26-8ABC-F0D5B9840B4