SATA HDD/SSD Shuttle for cPCI Plus Systems

Version 1

    Author: Michael Plannerer, Product Manager MEN Mikro Elektronik


    This carrier for 2.5" SATA Hard Disk Drives or Solid State Disk Drives is an example for a peripheral board for cPCI Plus systems. It uses the SATA/SAS signals on the backplane defined for cPCI Plus. This way, each peripheral slot can be used as a hard disk slot and for building RAID systems. As the new standard allows eight peripheral slots, up to eight hard disks can be directly controlled by the system slot. If a cPCI PlusIO CPU board is used in the system slot as many as four hard disks can be directly controlled. The data transfer rate only depends on the used storage medium, while the RAID level is determined by the system slot CPU.


    cPCI Plus defines new high-frequency connectors, six of which with a maximum of 184 pin pairs can be used on a single Eurocard. As the mostly-used signals like SATA/SAS, USB and PCIe x1 can be accommodated on one connector, peripheral boards as a rule only need the P1 connector (six rows with 4 pin pairs each). The signal pins of the rugged connector are protected by a housing on all four sides.


    As an option, the board supports hot-plug and is equipped with 4 status LEDs on the front panel. It is qualified for a temperature range of -40 to +85°C and complies with the requirements of the railway standard EN 50155.