Let Visitors Fall in Love With Museums

Version 1

    What is the main attraction?  Multimedia interactive Digital Signage will tell you.


    How would you normally navigate through a museum? Take a foldout map at the entrance and follow the diagram? Often we would know which exhibit is worth seeing and then just wander around aimlessly from one place to another


    This is not the case since Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan has introduced the digital signage system. The digital signage full of sound and light, not only allows visitors to obtain various types of information including current museum events before even stepping inside the museum corridors.  In addition it also allows the interaction between visitors and the museum through touch driven dynamic content. Advantech's 42" high brightness FHD display and industrial computer DSS-7042 features Intel Core Duo Mobile Processor is implemented as interactive self-information KIOSK in the museum. See attachments for details sharing.