Universal Rear I/O Module for CompactPCI PlusIO

Version 1

    Author: Barbara Schmitz, Chief Marketing Officer MEN Mikro Elektronik


    CompactPCI PlusIO (PICMG 2.30) defines a number of serial interfaces which are led from the system slot board via the rear connector J2 to the backplane. These signals can be received by up to four peripheral boards and be used for their functionality.


    Alternatively, it is possible to use the same interfaces as rear I/O via a transition module. For this, the CT12 has been developed. It can be used in combination with all single-board computers developed according to PICMG 2.30 and provides the maximum number of interfaces: two Gigabit Ethernet channels, four PCI Express x1 links, four USB and four SATA. The CT12 provides the rear I/O signals on standard connectors, and the module's dimensions of 100 mm x 80 mm correspond to the CompactPCI standard for 3U boards. For USB and PCI Express reset, the CT12 is additionally equipped with a +5V power supply connector.