Checklist for Success with Multicore

Version 1

    Top Five Questions That Can Help Ensure Successful Multicore Adoption


    By: Marc Brown, Vice President, VxWorks Product Strategy and Marketing, Wind River



    Multicore processors have the potential to bring tremendous value to device manufacturers and their customers in many markets, including telecommunications, industrial, medical, consumer, and aerospace and defense. They offer the potential to get more processing done while reducing power consumption, increase capabilities and performance, and, in general, do more with less.


    While multicore processors are desirable for many reasons, their use can also be extremely challenging. Many organizations rush into multicore adoption, excited about what multicore can provide to their particular market or device, without thoroughly assessing the complexities and pitfalls. More importantly, they fail to consider whether their software platform has what it takes to deliver on the promise of multicore. And all too often the result is not only failure to achieve the expected benefits but also a low-quality end product or user experience, budget overruns, and missed market windows.


    You can dramatically increase your organization’s chances of successful multicore adoption by focusing on these five key questions:


    1. Is your software platform truly optimized for multicore?

    2. Is your platform scalable over the life cycle of your devices?

    3. Are you taking full advantage of virtualization?

    4. Is your software optimized for your hardware platform?

    5. Do you have access to expert multicore support services?


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