802.3at PoE+ and Intel Atom Advance Embedded Devices

Version 1

    381iCF48EAE9AEAFC23EWhen combined with Intel Atom, the newly ratified IEEE 802.3at Power Over Ethernet (PoE+) standard enables developers to create richly featured, “no new wires” embedded devices that offer significant advantages in cost, reliability, and manageability.


    By providing 25 watts of power over the the same Cat5 cable used for Gb Ethernet connectivity, PoE+ enables a new class of "no new wires" embedded devices without the need for separate power connections or per-device AC power wiring.  And the PoE+ enabled Ethernet cable is a low voltage circuit, so installation does not require licensed electrician labor, and is free from the safety restrictions placed on high-voltage AC wiring (conduit, restrictions on plenum installations, etc.).  Consolidating the system-wide power infrastructure into the network itself eliminates unreliable "wall warts" and allows for remote power backup and robust transient protection, and for large improvements in availability and reliability previously unattainable for embedded systems.  The result:  PoE+ saves $350-$1000 per device in hidden installation expense.


    Embedded Intel Atom and ADI's Cinnamon Bay SBC Based on Intel Atom Z5xxP provide the ideal platform to build PoE+ powered systems, with up to 20 watts of spare power for the peripherals of your choice - such as large HD backlit LCD displays, cameras, audio amplifiers, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G radios, biometric readers, hard drives, and other devices.  Cinnamon Bay SBC allows developers to easily deploy a wide variety PoE+ embedded systems with substantial competitive advantages.


    Read the Intel Embedded Solutions Technology Application article below for more details.