Hardware Teardown Webinar: True Single Chip E6xx Designs

Version 4

    With the new E6xx embedded Atom system on chip (SoC), Intel has redefined the cost equation for embedded Intel Architecture (IA), making it possible for developers to migrate their deeply embedded applications to Atom and enjoy IA's substantial advantages in performance, familiarity, and software availability.  But despite the potential of significant single-chip savings, many E6xx single board computers (SBCs) and computer on module (COM) products persist in applying prior-generation, multi-chip IA design approaches to Intel's new SoC.  The result:  SBCs and COM modules based on these prior-generation design approaches cannot achieve the full savings potential of the E6xx.



    ADI Engineering’s “Thin E6xx” approach focuses on tiny, semi-custom boards that use the E6xx as a true single-chip SoC and that have feature sets tailored to each end application.  ADI's thin semi-custom boards offer per-unit cost savings up to 60\% and are up to 50\% smaller than even the cutting edge COM Express Ultra form factor.  Also ADI's COTS Cinnamon Bay EX SBC will be available in a Thin E6xx configuration offering substantially lower costs than other E6xx SBCs based on the conventional two-chip E6xx architecture.


    These large savings are enabled by ADI-developed technologies that allow elimination of the IOH, the most expensive and most complex component next to the E6xx SoC itself, and ADI's use of a royalty-free boot loader developed by ADI using new Intel boot loader development kits instead of a commercial BIOS.


    This webinar details the key technical innovations that enable ADI's Thin E6xx approach, and presents a hardware teardown showing developers how they can use these unique technologies to achieve dramatic savings in production cost and board size compared to other SBC and COM approaches.  New royalty-free boot loader technologies for the E6xx will also be discussed.


    Visit ADI's Thin E6xx Webpage to register for our free November 16 Thin E6xx Hardware Teardown Webinar