Webinar: How to Jump-Start Software Development

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    Webinar:  How to Jump-Start Software Development


    Presented by:  Intel, Kontron, and Wind River

    August 24, 2010 1:00 PM EDT (Archive now available on-demand)

    Developing applications on cutting-edge processors is easier than ever thanks to new solutions from the Intel® Embedded Alliance. This webinar shows how you can begin application development in minutes instead of days or weeks—and how you can take advantages of the latest hardware features.


    Join us for a demonstration of rapid GUI development on a new starter kit created by Kontron and Wind River. This starter kit delivers a world-class out-of-the box experience that helps accelerate time to market. We will also look at solutions for common software development challenges such as hardware migration and multi-threaded programming.


    This webinar, presented by Intel Embedded Alliance, is ideal for anyone looking to leverage next-generation hardware. Attendees will learn about benefits including:

    • Best of breed out-of-box experience
    • Reduced time to market and costs
    • Increased software quality and portability



    • Christine VanDeGraaf, Product Manager for Embedded Modules, Kontron

    • Dana Powell, Senior Sales Operations Engineer, Wind River

    • Melinda Murdock, Product Marketing Engineer, Intel® Embedded and Communications Group

    • Timothy O’Reilly, Senior SW Technical Marketing Engineer, Intel Embedded and Communications Group


    Kontron is a Premier member of Intel Embedded Alliance; and Wind River is an Associate member.


    Moderator: Don Dingee, Editorial Director, OpenSystems media


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