Whitepaper: Deep Packet Inspection, Improving Broadband Service Provider ROI

Version 1

    410iC75C4697AF45F61BWireless and fixed network broadband service providers face the challenge of increasing return on investment in the face of increasing infrastructure costs to keep up with unprecedented data demand by subscribers while opportunities for increasing revenues
    remain elusive. Service providers are faced with unprecedented demand for more and higher speed bandwidth in the face of new applications, increased video use, and subscriber growth. Network convergence where all services will be provided over IP on the same
    technologya??whether as LTE in wireless or over a fiber/ coaxial/copper connection in fixeda??forces the question of a??fair usea?? and prioritization. Voice, video on demand, live video, network DVR, multimedia messaging, videoconferencing, browsing, and later medical,
    home monitoring, energy use, smart grid, and other technologies both as a bundled offering with a service provider or their partners as well as over the top all share the same infrastructure in IP services to a subscriber. Considering IP is the glue for all communications whether for entertainment, education, employment and work, payment, and a new round of machine to machine applications to support health, convenience, home security, metering, and efficient energy use, service providers have a unique position to provide the environmenta??one that ensures good performance and securitya??that enables this convergence and innovation to all IP. Service providers need an awareness of the
    applications that use IP in order to provide the key roles of security and fairness and DPI is the cornerstone in enabling those through informed decisions.